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Good projects never die, but here are some that are sleeping heavily:



Cultivate serendipity – Ntwrkr analyses your connections to suggest ways to cultivate more value within your network.

Telomere House
The confluence of the IoT and big data means we’ve got an unprecedented opportunity to learn how to increase our own wellness in new ways. Here’s where to start.

serendipityWhat if there was a way to meet people you didn’t know existed, but who were likely to be of high value to you?

flush An experiment in using DACs (Decentralized Autonomous Corporations) to scale multinational’s tax-avoidance strategies to everyone.

Crow Box
A vending machine for crows – designed to autonomously train them to pick up spare change in exchange for a peanut. Check out the dedicated website, or the original page is here.

TV Shows
tvI’ve got a number of documentary TV show pitches, but everyone in the business says not to share them. Bull&#!%. Contact me and let’s talk!

Patronage 2.0
patronageOne investment to rule them all. Based on the idea that people are more valuable than ideas. This is a big one, but is only suitable for certain investors. Please Contact me if you’re an investor and want to know more.

The Black T-Shirt Project
Einstein had a closet full of matching suits – to save time and reduce cognitive overhead. This is my modern version.

Signature Wishlist
signature Why just hope your contacts somehow figure out how to help you? By putting your needs in your signature you let your network act when and where they want to – and to the best effect.

Green Roof Labs
A pre-fab, drop-in greenroof luxury garden apartment, reducing costs to the building, its inhabitants, and the civic infrastructure.

2 Cups, 2 Plates, 2 Spoons
How to train two otherwise fully capable adults to automatically and without complaint do all their own dishes.

The Cherub Project
A micro-angel VC fund to utilize rapidly iterating prototypes to recombine IP and flexibly evolve technology solutions.

MicroMobile Ventures
An application platform with free training for its applications to create a virtuous cycle of education and employment.

Cat Toilet Training
Your guests don’t pee in a dirt box in the closet; neither should your cat.

Co-opting existing brands and creating massive opportunity for multiplatform content for pre-established audiences.

OMFGI Mobile Privacy Network
A concept piece for mesh-networked mobile devices to preserve privacy and intelligently assign permissions to your media.

An RSS-based API + SMS communication infrastructure to let you make their own mobile tools.

No Books
Not all books are worth keeping, but figuring out which ones are is hard. Here’s how.

Hoodl├╝m – Bring out your music
A hoodie that pulses mini-LEDs in the hood in tune to your music.

Wearables’ Fashion Show
Wearable technology on super hot models. Geeks can be rockstars too!

Remote MD Program
This system allows MD to remotely use collaborative imagery with an EMT to provide support in an emergency situation.

Consumers Bite
Me vs AT&T – consumer justice *can* be done.

KCLS Mobile Library App
A netboot pda to allow library customers to find the books they want – without making stealing the device attractive.

Publishing 2.0
Publishing 2.0 circumvents publishing houses entirely by maximizing the reputational ROI instead of book sales.

A firewalled media center and file server designed for remote acces for updates, maintenance, and content delivery.

WiFi Network w/ Traffic Shaping
A write-protected disk running a firewall without a hard drive to create TOS shaping for a coffee shop owner – and me.

The Backdoor Project
An automatic webcam and electronic lock to allow me to be (virtually) home whenever the deliveries came.