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Wearables’ Fashion Show

A wearable computing fashion show. I know!!!

This project grew out of a desire to present wearable and mobile technologies in a truly public-facing light to increase the exposure of current research and development efforts. Having worked with wearable computing for the last six years, I knew that the time was right for an actual Fashion Show at the premier wearables conference itself. Through the assistance of Dr. Bruce Thomas and others at the ISWC (International Symposium for Wearable Computers) we were able to obtain funding, equipment, and time from many talented companies and individuals in presenting the Komposite Wearable Computing Fashion Show. From the results we think it made quite a splash, being reported by Wired Magazine, MSNBC, The Associated Press, and many others. The materials generated (video, slides, documentation, and flash pieces) have since been made available to educational institutions the world over.