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Warby Parker

You’ve got to love a good business model, especially when it replaces one that’s so clearly broken. The margins on eyeglasses are ridiculous – two dollars worth of materials sold for $500, with almost no shipping costs and limited manufacturing overhead.

The guys at Warby Parker figured this out and decided to try something different. Instead of blowing all their cash on a retail space and licensing big-brand designer names, they did their homework and made a deal directly with manufacturers to produce classy, high-quality frames you order online.

This works for three reasons; One, you can choose up to five frames to try at home. They mail them to you and you have a week or so to try them all on and make a decision. This is in many ways better than shopping in a store – usually you don’t have your friends with you, and it’s impossible to really see how you look in non-prescription frames. Secondly, when you buy a pair they automatically send a set to someone in need. Knowing that you’re money is going towards something that matters sets them apart from most retailers. And thirdly, their frames are only $100.

It’s a hard deal to beat, and honestly I *love* my Warby Parker glasses in a way I haven’t loved any glasses in a long time. That’s a huge difference, for a great price.


June 19, 2012 9:32 am

I did another product review, this one about Warby Parkers (eyeglasses). Check it! https://t.co/8SBQHynZ https://t.co/Rlmu93h0

June 19, 2012 10:17 am

@joshuaklein Thanks for featuring us, Josh! We’re thrilled to have your support.