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VoiceOver for Google’s new Alternate Reality Game, Ingress

I’d only ever done voiceover narration for my television series, The Linknothing like this: I got to play the role of a conspirator in Google’s huge new location-based Alternative Reality Game (ARG).

It’s based on their Android devices and (of course) the web, and it’s pretty epic – using the app you have to capture certain “portals” of weird energy and compete (or collaborate) with unknown others to overthrow… Well, you’ll have to check it out yourself to learn about the rest. 😉

You can view some of the clues here, learn more about the game itself at https://www.ingress.com/, and check out a pretty cool review over at IGN.

Special thanks to Flint Dille for giving me the chance to participate. I always knew I’d love playing a super villain!