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Signature Wishlist

My friend Rafe Furst and I came up with this a while back. The premise is that stating your needs in the signature of your email gives your network explicit permission to watch out for ways to help you.

No more guessing about how to do someone a favor, or hoping someone picks up a hint… Instead, if someone wants to help you, they’ve got immediate insight as to how.

This all rests on the premise that our networks are looking out for us, and that this help is reciprocal. I wrote a book about how I think our networks are the most powerful thing we have, but feel free to adapt this to your own email signature and let me know how it works!

Here’s my most recent version:

Was this email helpful? If so, please consider introducing me to someone who:
– could hire me to speak about the future of technology / innovation
– is interested in exploring a radical new model of investing
– can help make a tv show about technology, innovation, and/or hacking
Рwants to help build www.ntwrkr.is, a platform to add value to people’s networks
– I can help.