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Roo’d – a Cyberpunk Novel

Roo'd - A Cyberpunk Novel

“Roo’d is geek-addled cyberpunk fiction at its finest, about a teenage boy with two prosthetic legs and a band of misfit body-modders, shamanistic computer hackers, and pharmaceutically psychotic bioscientists. But it’s also an exploration of someone coming to grips with what they truly love to do – and what it means to do it in a confusing world of shades of gray.”

Neal Stephenson gave me some advice about a year after I wrote this, which was more or less that if I’d already edited my book a couple of times and still didn’t feel it was ready then I should get on with things and write another one.

I ignored his advice until now, when its good sense finally sunk in. So here’s my first novel – a cyberpunk exploration of one geek’s search for meaning. Even cooler, it was chosen for release for the eBook reader for the iPhone – the first modern novel released for the platform, and the second available after Tarzan – which led to it being made available on Amazon.com! W00t!

If you like it, please let me know, and if you think you can rewrite it better, give it a shot – It’s released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License for exactly that purpose. Big thanks to Cory Doctorow for encouraging aspiring authors like myself to give their work to the world this way!

Download it

Roo’d is available in a variety of formats:

Roo’d, the PDF
Roo’d, the RTF (Word format)
Roo’d, the Text File
Roo’d, the HTML file
Roo’d, the Ebook (also known as the Gutenberg project’s format)
Alternately, get it directly from the Internet Archive or, subscribe to installments via Email or RSS through DailyLit.com.


If you like the book and want to help me afford to take time off to write another one, feel free Donate Bitcoins

Or Buy it!

It’s available Print On Demand via Amazon.com; while a POD book is usually slightly more expensive than one produced as part of “traditional” publishing, it creates little or no waste from unsold products.