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Consulting, Research, and Advisory Work


Josh has relevant insight other consultants cannot match, with 15 years’ experience consulting to governments, corporations, and startups. His background has seen him spend serious time both in the trenches coding and cracking, and in the boardroom managing development and deployments. His emphasis on a hacker’s approach provides critical value in:

    • A realistic AND insightful eye for when and how to utilize emerging technologies and implement new models,
    • Solid technical knowledge to make on-the-fly assessments and reality checks,
    • Analytical systems thinking, procedures and processes to hold the executive team accountable.

Much of his consulting work is aimed at bringing increasing innovation to the organization, be it a 5-person startup (as with incubators like La Laboratoire or IdeaLab, or through direct consultation as to Vinyl.is or and ScenarioDNA), a Fortune 500 (such as Pfizer, IBM, or AT&T), or a major geopolitical entity (such as the State Department, NSA, or the World Economic forum).


Josh frequently provides emerging technology research for organizations large and small, turning this insight into market-leading strategy for both product and business model evolution. His deep technology background enables him to quickly cut through hype to find where an organization can get maximum leverage, saving time and providing first-mover advantage.


I’ve somehow found myself in positions of responsibility for a number of organizations. Some of them have been:

Board Member:

    • Board of Advisors member for RateMyIdeas.com
      Board of Advisors member for Parsons School of Design Emerging Research and Social Trends Lab
      Innovation Board member for Witness
      Technology Council Member for Gerson Lehrman Group


    • Judge for SVA’s “The Year of the Rabbit” Short Film Festival
      Judge for the Hive Awards
      Judge for the Webby Awards
      Judge for the Out Of Hand Festival


    • Advisor for the MoMa’s Talk To Me exhibit
      Organizer for TEDxEast
      Professor on New Media in Advertising at NY’s School of Visual Arts