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Case Studies


“Radical change takes straight talk and relevant, up-to-date insight as well practical suggestions on where and how to start. Josh provides all this and more in a high-power, engaging and fun way that doesn’t spare the details… or overwhelm. He was instrumental to my leadership team’s transformation and the development of a new strategy for Go To Market that resulted in real growth”
– Janet Schijns, former Verizon VP and Chief Channel Executive
Verizon wanted someone to shift their Enterprise Marketing Team leaders’ viewpoint radically forward towards new and emerging technology and its potential for the company. By working closely with the team, Josh not only level-set their technology understanding, but gave them an entirely new toolkit for examining and acting on the strategic opportunities those technologies represent.


“The BP digital innovation team was working on Blockchain towards the end of 2015, having identified it as a potential disruptive force. Josh provided reinforcement/validation from a credible external perspective that this could enable peer to peer trading, and accelerated our ability to move forward.”
– David Eyton, Head of Technology at BP
This led to an energy trading pilot that was accessible to retail consumers, using a secure digital platform. The intent is to provide cost-competitive localized low carbon energy services to consumers while supporting the adoption of distributed renewable energy and enabling peer-to-peer trading. The potential, especially in light of BP’s shift towards renewables, could revolutionize how power is consumed and paid for in a way that takes into account a plethora of new sources – while simultaneously creating new markets.


“Technology is critical to any organization, but even more so in a design firm that serves customers across every segment and in markets across the globe. Josh helped us pull together a comprehensive document with deep technical understanding and strong growth benchmarks that gave us the framework we needed to move forward.
– Paul Bennett, IDEO’s Chief Creative Officer

IDEO NY needed a technology strategy to take into account existing resources globally and a shifting market for technology locally. Through company-wide stakeholder interviews and a rigorous strategic framework Josh was able to deliver a flexible plan for addressing both in tandem and in response to actual growth.