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511 Tactical

When we first started shooting The Link I started spending a lot more time with law enforcement and emergency response personnel – a lot of the stuff we were doing was dangerous (like replicating greek fire) or involved precious items (like an original Gutenberg bible). After a while of being on the road and seeing how my ordinary civilian duds weren’t cutting it I started asking them for advice, and most of them told me to get some 511 Tactical.

It turns out that 511 Tactical is the Levi’s of tactical clothing. Solidly built, reasonably priced, and *comfortable*, they fit the bill for almost any body type that needs to be able to go from looking presentable to crawling through mud, broken glass, or whatever. They’ve got a wide range of stuff to choose from, but if you’re going to be outdoors or in any environment where you suspect your chino’s might not cut it, you should get some.